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Production Grade Code That Writes Itself

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Build fully-functional features visually, right from Xcode

Interface Builder

Ship features in minutes instead of hours, while keeping full freedom to customize any component with your own code.

Table View

Populate your API backed table within seconds. Abstract Layer handles networking, parsing, & even caching out of the box.

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Collection View

Just like a Table View, with an extra ingredient: Specify the number of columns, and we’ll handle your UI.

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“ I am blown away by how easy Abstract Layer makes it to develop a fully-featured native app! ”

Ari Weinstein, Engineering Manager at Apple, Inc

Core services handled by the framework for you


It’s as simple as specifying your URL and parameters in a visual interface. Session management is our concern.

Data Binding

Binding your parsed data to your UI manually is a thing from the past. This is where the magic happens!


Media files are cached in memory & on disk according to your needs. No more searching for a library to handle that one.


One of the most boring repetitive jobs. We’ll handle it and create your models on the fly.


OAuth 1.0b, OAuth 2.0, JWT, Basic or Digest authentication. Pick yours and all your network requests will be handled.


All credentials and sensitive data are stored securely on your device. No more room for hackers!

App using Abstract Layer: Flyp

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All Abstract Layer features are built on top native components, hence everything you can do with a native component can be done with Abstract Layer. While Abstract Layer handles the core functionalities, you remain 100% free to customize and override with your code without interfering with any of the functionalities of Abstract Layer.

Auto-orientation handling


Custom cells per row

Auto-device Resizing

Offline browsing

Status Delegates

Static & Dynamic parameters

Dynamic cell size

Multiple cell types

Cell Re-Ordering

Native Delegates & Data Sources

Multiple Logging levels

UI Customization

Complex JSON Support

XIB Support

Authentication handling

Access to JSON response

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